Webdesign for music band. Illustrations by Libor Drobný. webdesign

Webdesign for music band. Illustrations by Libor Drobný.

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Jednadvacet a.k.a. Ondřej Sedláček

Congratulation, dear user

You have just joined not numerous group of visitors of my new portfolio of graphic artworks, webdesign and other more or less life-important activities and results of my Earth-being. No matter if you are a robot, a spambot, a stalker, a single web browser or potentional candidate of my modest service, you could find few pieces of information about my work at since 2001. My name is Ondřej Sedláček, nicknamed Jednadvacet (Twentyone).


After some time...


A new website released. Wishing all the best.

It's Twitter time


Twitter is nothing new. Considering the amount of information that we are being supplied everyday, the short piece of information containing 140 characters seems to be a pleasant refreshment. I am going to try it probably. It's always possible to let it flow. Jednadvacet is on Twitter.

Summertime Intermezzo


It's summertime. Hot. Even those simple banners, tiny icons and light designs of heavy projects work as oil drops to the scorching bonfire.

Facebook LikeIt button...


... is pretty cool thing. Don't worry to submit. It's down in the footer.

Another slight update


Little mistakes repaired, big ones still alive. And a new section Photography is slowly awakening.